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Wed 9th Dec 2015 - 3:07am : Gaming

Due to Kings eSports club being a new up and coming organisation, we're looking into forming a coaching stucture which will bring us success for the team going forward.

Following the creation of our League of Legends team, we will need a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Analyst to help increase the skill of our players. The way these interviews will be conducted are through skype or team speak, you will be given 10 minutes to talk to the owner Nicholas 'Nextgen'. After these interviews are conducted, you may be given a second interview if more information is needed.

To inquire about getting an interview, add MrNextgen on the League of Legends Client.

The prerequists are shown below. 


Head coach

  • 18 or over
  • Have experience working with people in a team environment
  • Is able to talk to the team in a confident manner
  • Able to work with multiple personalities to get the best possible result
  • Level headed authority figure who is able to settle disputes and facilitate progress and healthy discussion with the team

Head coach needs to be nearly at every practice session, these times are on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

Assistant coach(Strategic coach)

  • Be the right hand man for the Head coach
  • You will fill in as the head coach when the head coach is absent
  • You will be more one on one with the players and be working with them on an indivual basis
  • Helping the analyst to try work out strategies to implement in game
  • Have a thorough understanding of the game and how it should be played
  • Ahead of the meta and knowing what should be played at what time
  • Helping the head coach create the best possible pick and ban phas.

Head analyst

  • Analysing scrims, or 5's games as much as possible
  • Finding possible weaknesses and working out how to fix
  • Helping develop strategies with the data you have collected
  • Your main job is to feed information to the assistant and head coach

There is no current time for when the head coach will be announced, although an announcement will come out 24 hours before we announce who the staff are so people know what positions have been filled.



Nicholas 'Nextgen"




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