2016 League of Legends team announcement!

Fri 11th Dec 2015 - 4:05am : General : Gaming

Kings eSports club team for season 6


Try outs for all positions but the Top lane position have been completed. Top lane will resume tryouts in the next couple of days.
Reason behind this decision is that everyone had to tryout against people, its unfair that one person gets a role because no one else tried out.


Top: Try outs available, message MrNextgen on LoL

Jungle: Kamishi

Mid: Shok and Vicenza

ADC: Virne

Support: Wolves


Note: Mid lane
This lane will have 2 players, so both players will be sharing the role as they are players with different styles. 


Sub 1/Support: Hoodlum

Sub 2/ADC: Currie


Thank you to all for trying out, congratulations to all who have been granted a spot on the team, I look forward to working with you.

Some people have asked me if there will be a second team for the people who don't get in, if you're seriously interested in this, message me (MrNextgen) in game 
and I will try sort something out if I have enough people wanting spots. Cheers, have a good one!





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